Here is what our customers have to say about Red Sky Yachts

Carl Ahlström, owner of Carlotta

The aim with Carlotta was no less than to build the most beautiful modern wooden boat in Finland. Working with Allan and his dedicated team gave me the guarantee that there would no compromising when it comes to quality. The project was fun and interesting from day one all the way to completion, and for me as an owner, a towering success. And the story continues – thanks to regular checks and careful maintenance she still looks as good as new, and will do so for years to come!

Ossi Paija, skipper and owner of 6mR Astrée III

“After several disappointing results with boat carpenters, I turned to the most reputable yard in Finland for a complete overhaul of my 6mR Astree III. I knew they would not be the cheapest, but boy did they do fantastic work on the boat! Everything on the boat is now strong, ergonomic, and beautiful. As a result, I must say that Astree III is one of the best 6mR’s in the world both competitively and aesthetically.”

Astrée III was delivered to Red Sky Yachts for some plank replacement and structural maintenance work by an owner with a long term vision for the boat. While in the shop, the entire boat was painted and her hardware, rig and winches were updated to prepare her for competition in the Classic Division of the 6mR class, in which she now has earned a dominating position.