Red Sky Yachts offers many types of services and repair for yachts and smaller boats at our facility in Kotka, Finland.
For some services there are fixed prices, fixed hourly rates and for others inspection needs to be conducted before an agreement can be finalized.

Fixed hourly rate service pricelist including 24% VAT:
(download pricelist)

Basic service charges per hour:

  • Engine service and installation: 99€
  • Electrical repair/service/installation: 104€
  • Mast and rigging work: 82€
  • Varnish and prep work: 82€
  • Installation and removal of hardware: 82€
  • Winch servicing: 82€
  • Shop carpentry: 82€
  • Wooden boat repair: 82€
  • Welding: 99€


  • Yacht painting 350 €/m2*

(*paint work includes the required supplies and standard colors. Custom colors or paint types can be negotiated)

All prices include 24% VAT
Prices do not include parts/material costs

Woods in stock: Elm, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Yellow Cedar, Red Cedar, Larch, White Oak, Mahogany (Khaya and Honduras), Teak

If you have an insurance claim and need specialized wood sourcing and carpentry, please have your insurance company contact us.

Marine Travelift haul and launch service per direction:


  • 0-3 ton 120€
  • 3.1-5 ton 157€
  • 5.1-8 ton 187€
  • 8.1-12 ton 242€
  • 12.1-20 ton 363€
  • 20.1-30 ton 484€
  • 30.1-50 ton 725€

Short term lift and launch for inspection 1.5xstandard€
Price after 1800 and Saturdays 1.5xstandard€
Price on Sunday or emergency 24hr 2xstandard€
Prices are Travelift only. Other services at our standard per hour rate

Winter Storage prices 15.9-15.6.2022
(per sqM length x width)

Cold inside storage 62€
Outside yard storage (min 40 sqM) 25€

Mast Storage:
Less than 12M 50€
12.1-16M 65€
16.1 and over 80€

Custom Cradle construction available: ask for a quote

We Sell:

North Sails: New Sails. North Sails service for our storage customers

We sell and install Harken winches and hardware. Let’s work together on a custom layout for your boat!